Welcome to the New Era

Welcome to the New Era!

Way back in 1665 in Oxford the first ever newspaper was printed.  By 1702, we were printing our first daily newspapers.  To all of us, these are part of everyday life.  In 1991, the first ever web page went live, and this was the start of the new era. 

All companies rely on customers in order to succeed, and in order to attract those customers, you need to have a good marketing strategy.  Previously, this consisted of physical publications, like newspapers, in order to reach out to those much needed customers.  This was a great way to reach a local audience, but was limited to the number of publications that were printed of that edition. 

After the web really boomed, people started to use the internet as a form of marketing, Digital Marketing.  

Skip ahead 20+ years to 2018, and the majority of companies now utilise Digital Marketing strategies, with nearly 55% of the world population having access to the internet (data accurate as of 31 December 2017), this is the best way to reach your audience.  

In order to get started online, you need a website.  Nowadays, there are lots of places offering these services, Thompson Digital Services being one of those.  To operate a website, you require the following services as a minimum:

Web Design
This is a key part of ensuring your brand succeeds.  You want your brand identity to be recognised, wherever it is seen.  Therefore, you need a consistent house style (common design) that works across all of your marketing strategy, both physically and digitally.

Web Hosting
Once your Website has been designed, you'll need it to be accessible online, this is achieved using "Web Hosting".  In essence, this is a server that stores your website on it and can be reached by anyone (there are ways to limit the audience if needed).  You'll be given a control panel, we provide cPanel, which allows you to manage your website hosting package.  All of the packages available at TDS include Email Addresses (suffixed with @yourdomainname.com as an example), Databases and Free SSL Certificates (which encrypt data on your website making them more secure).   Please refer to our services page for Web Hosting to see the restrictions on each package.

Domain Name
This is the URL that people use to access your website, as an example ours is thompsondigitalservices.co.uk.  There are many extensions (known as TLDs) that can be chosen from, from .co.uk and .com all the way to .xxx and .info.  

In addition to those key components, there is also SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which helps to improve your ratings on Search Engines like Google, and with an ever increasing importance is now Social Media Marketing.  All of which can be provided by Thompson Digital Services in one of our bundles, given you a complete service from start to finish, no matter how far you have come already.  We'll be able to help compile a strategy that will get you to where you want to be. 

A growing importance in the modern era is the usability of your website on smaller devices, such as mobile phones.  It's estimated that 36% of the world population use a smartphone with internet access and Statcounter (a research company that tracks internet use across millions of websites) announced in 2016 that for the first time ever, 51.3% of pages were loaded on mobile devices in October of that year (46.5% from smartphones and 4.7% from tablet devices). Therefore, the importance of good web design is a concept called Responsive Web Design. Ultimately, this is building your website using relative dimensions rather than set sizes, to make the website automatically adapt to the screen size, as an example, our footer uses 75% of the screen space available but will automatically switch to a stacked design on a mobile to make for easier viewing. 

Our slogan, "Content builds Relationships, Relationships are built on Trust, Trust drives Revenue", is extremely accurate, and is based on the core concept of marketing and brand identity.  The content that you and your organisation create, builds a relationship with a customer, either through blogs or knowledge sharing and this creates a trust.  Trust is what brings those customers back to your organisation to invest in your products and services and hence increases your revenue. 

Let Thompson Digital Services transform your Digital Marketing strategy today, contact our friendly team via our Customer Portal in order to set up a telephone conversation about your organisation and get expert advice on how we can help you.   Alternatively, if you know what you need, take a look at our services page and purchase them today to receive a great service!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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